Software and Website Development.

We deliver the finest Custom Software Development Services since our goal is to keep the development price below the average and assure the quality of our management system.

What we do

  • Custom Business Software Development Services (when you need specific solutions, a simple WordPress site may not work for you)
  • Affordable Software Development to simplify and automate processes (for example, if you need to track and administer manufacturing processes)
  • E-commerce solutions (to make e-commerce successfully work for you, it is possible to track, adjust and integrate almost anything)
  • UX and design (designing user experience for any digital solution is a must)
  • Integrations (make two softwares to share information)
  • Data migration (transporting data when you need to recognize, consolidate, or upgrade your systems)

How to work with us

  1. Share your project with us.
  2. We prepare our vision and estimate accordingly.
  3. If you decide to work with us, we prepare detailed work document, and sign the contract.
  4. We work remotely, in the stages under your surveillance.
  5. The work has one year guarantee.

Who we are

BlueGlass has total of 57 people, with offices in Zurich, London and Tallinn. Estonian office specializes in building customized digital solutions. Our team has extensive experience in the field. We are a trustworthy Software Development Solution Provider who works hard to communicate clearly with our customers to meet their expectations.

If you’d like to know more about the range of services we provide, discuss working with us or have a great idea for collaboration, then please get in touch.
  • Project budget is crucial to ensuring your projects deliver the value you intend. Each project can be done differently and on different technologies.
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