Vue.js development

Software development on Vue.js  means working with BlueGlass development engineers. We guarantee a wide experience and high expertise of our Vue.js developers to our clients.

Benefits of development on VUE JS?

  • Low load

Vue.js framework offers a very compact main library (17 Kb only).

Result – low load for an application or a web site and high speed of a page loading. Vue.js is easy to scale therefore we can promptly extend the features set of the resource without compromising its “lightness”.

  • Simple integration

Integrates well with backend frameworks (usually we do it with Laravel development); libraries adapt well with any packet type. Vue.js can be embedded gradually; the technology specifics are easy for understanding very largely because of the perfectly prepared documents.

  • Versatility

It fits small projects that require some extra speed leaving authorization, user data input, or other similar functions as before. A good option for single-page applications, frontend blogs, dynamic interfaces creation.

  • Performance

Vue.js “gets on with” very heavy loads. Example: web site with users’ number  exceeding 19 million. In addition to static web pages the interface offers a section where a user can play chess online. Thanks to application of the framework the project team developed and embedded the new functions set very fast. 

Here are some foreign companies that use Vue.js as the main front-end framework: GitLab, Alibaba, Nintendo, Upwork, Zoom, Sony, Grammarly, 9GAG, and some others.

Why BlueGlass is the best choice for cooperation?

We have a wide 10-year experience in developing software throughout Europe, our Head offices are in Zurich and Tallinn, while our developers are around the world we, same as our  solutions, have no boundaries!

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your projects.

If you’d like to know more about the range of services we provide, discuss working with us or have a great idea for collaboration, then please get in touch.
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