Progressive Web App Development (PWA)

Progressive web app development is the transition of users’ reliability from native mobile applications to more sophisticated web apps. A PWA (Progressive Web App) is an app that is presented, accessed, and utilized through the web. Such apps are customized with the help of reliable web technologies, e.g., Vue.js, to function and serve users with utmost quality.

Traditional Mobile Apps/Web vs. PWAs

There are several differences between PWAs and traditional mobile apps/webs. Most of these differences point out why PWAs are way better compared to traditional mobile apps and webs. Some of the reasons why PWAs are an excellent substitute for traditional mobile apps and webs include:

  • Development cost – Why should you hire PWA Development Company? Because native applications are costly to develop and maintain. However, you can opt for PWAs that allow you to build a single app that can be used on different platforms accessed by your target audience.
  • Poor conversion and friction native apps are offered in stores such as Google Play and Apple Store. You have to meet these stores’ requirements to have your app available on their platforms. Furthermore, you’ll need to put in extra work to ensure that your app appears among the top search results to increase its popularity and usage. There are processes to download and install the apps, which is a lot to deal with, and it becomes even challenging if your audience’s devices don’t meet the versions or space requirements. These barriers tend to decrease the conversion rate.
  • Distribution effort – a Custom Web Application Development Services rather than a native app frees you from the worries of distribution binaries and backward compatibility maintenance in the service APIs.
Äppi loomine (PWA) AliExpressi näidisel

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Some of the benefits of developing and using PWAs include:

  • Reduced costthe developing, trying & testing, and maintenance of web apps are way cheaper than native apps. It saves you the hassle and costs of hiring a pair of development teams to cater to updates and distribution binaries.
  • Exceptional user experience PWAs have excellent user experiences such as short loading time and better UX delivery.
  • Responsiveness PWAs can respond on different orientations and screen sizes which gives an overall good experience. In turn, this outstanding responsiveness gifts your business with increased conversion and engagement rates.
  • Quality with PWAs, most of the attention is drawn to improving their quality rather than dealing with the distribution of the app.
  • Reliability PWAs have excellent functionality, and they are also available in offline mode.
  • Security Progressive Web Apps are a highly secure technology as it only allows apps serve over HTTPS to operate.

Why PWAs?

Progressive Web Apps take web development to the next level since the progressive application framework provides a sophisticated approach to dealing with change. They also enable the push notification feature to increase your audience’s engagement. PWAs can operate both online and offline, which makes accessibility better.

In terms of the market’s response to PWAs, all Android gadgets are compatible with PWAs, Microsoft’s version of PWA includes Teams and Outlook, and Apple offers PWA support in iOS 11.3 and Safari 11.1.

Examples of PWA Apps

Some of the examples of PWAs among global companies include:

  • Youtube Music
  • Trivago Hotel Booking
  • Pinterest
  • Tinder
  • Forbes
  • Jumia
  • etc

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