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If you are in the business of preparing meals, and servicing schools and offices.

There are some institutions that don’t have kitchens to feed the inhabitants. In this case they need catering.

This software is for businesses who prepare meals and distribute them to schools and offices. Regularly, on contract.

Our solution can do the following

The software eases to order or cancel meals daily by the pupils/workers, and makes it easy to administer the work for the caterer. You would be the caterer who offers the ordering software to your clients such as schools and offices. This requires you to have contracts with schools and offices offering regular meal distribution service.

Now, pupils/workers inside the institutions can choose their meals from your homepage. Idea is to make it convenient and affordable to the person to have a meal. You will have the specified orders from your clients (institutions), prepare it accordingly and deliver using 3rd party delivery service, or yourself, as you wish.

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Following features are included in the basic €5000 package:

-integration to your homepage

-add clients (institutions who want to serve food to people) in the system, and administer them.

-indicate minimum order for delivery (with this service it makes sense to have minimum order quantity)

-you need to organize delivery service yourself, and include the delivery price in the meal cost

deliver lunch same time to everyone. can they heat, etc?

make contract w institution or clients order individually (weekly plans, min 10 person order)t

Contact us and describe your personal needs, we will explain and help you to see if the basic package can work for you. Otherwise, we can adjust and develop the package according to your personal needs.

How it worked out for one of our clients

meals manufacturer needed an online software to make food ordering and delivery more efficient. Currently scheduled orders were handled by personnel via email.

restaurant food producer. Is servicing 25000 pupils, in 60 schools.

sept algus: 31.kooli, 800 kasutajat

dets keskel: 63. kooli, 1800 kasutajat

nelja kuuga 100% kasv

käive kokku 40000

parents could order directly, before they had to communicate through school.

Food producer has fast and precise info available 24H

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