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Jobs for WordPress is a WordPress plugin

With the Jobs for WordPress plugin, you can easily place user-friendly job listings on your company’s website in the form of structured data. You can create and manage personal data in the user-friendly back-end and filter the results according to the structured data defined by in the live environment – all with just a few clicks. In this form the job advertisements are easy to read for Google, which greatly increases the chances that your job posting will have better rankings in the search result. This saves time and costs for recruitment compared to job advertisements on job listings platforms.

The Plugin Jobs for WordPress is intuitive – “install and use”.

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Familiar WordPress UIFamiliar WordPress UI

Add, manage, and categorize job listings using the familiar WordPress UI.

1:1 preview option1:1 preview option

Review your job advertisement in the preview before you add it to the live environment. The preview is the same as the live view.

Structured according to formatted dataStructured according to formatted data

The job advertisements are formatted according to structured data or markup with JSON-LD or as well with Microdata.

Easy implementationEasy implementation

Job advertisements can be quickly and easily implemented in your website with shortcodes or with the PHP function.

The listing is available as a PDFThe listing is available as a PDF

The job advertisements can be saved in PDF format.

Structuring with drag-and-dropStructuring with drag-and-drop

Each job advertisement can be customized with regard to the sequence of the information displayed, using a simple drag-and-drop method - with regard to modules, structure, naming of the individual sections and order, etc.

Filter options for job applicationsFilter options for job applications

Subsequently, incoming applications can be simply grouped, filtered and retrieved.

E-Mail notificationsE-Mail notifications

Each of the job listings can be set up in a way that the desired internal contact receives the incoming applications via e-mail.

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