We Build Software for Catering Companies to Service Schools and Offices Smarter

If you are in the business of preparing meals, and delivering them to schools and offices.

There are some institutions that don’t have kitchens to feed their inhabitants. In this case they need catering service. This software is for businesses who prepare meals and distribute them to schools and offices. Regularly, on contract.

This system makes it possible to offer affordable catering service in schools and offices.

Our solution can do the following

The software eases to order or cancel meals for the pupils/workers, and makes it easy for the catering company to administer the meal distribution. 

Pupils and workers inside the institutions can choose their meals from the homepage. Idea is to make it convenient and affordable for the person to have a meal. Catering company will have long-term subscription based clients. The orders from clients will be uploaded to the system, and caterer will prepare it accordingly and deliver.

Interested? Here's more...

Following features are included in the basic package:

– Integrating the system to your homepage;

– add clients (schools and offices) in the system, and administer them accordingly;

– include the delivery price in the meal cost;

– people in schools and offices can choose what they like to have from the website;

– caterer has the orders in the system, prepares and delivers the food accordingly.

How it worked out for one of our clients

Food manufacturer running restaurants and offering catering service needed an online software to make meal ordering and delivery more efficient. Before, the scheduled orders were handled by personnel via email. The catering company is servicing 60 schools and 30,000 pupils using our system.

Contact us and describe your personal needs, we will explain and help to see whether the basic package can work for you. Otherwise, we can adjust and develop the package according to your needs.
If you’d like to know more about the range of services we provide, discuss working with us or have a great idea for collaboration, then please get in touch.
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