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UPC. Blog for one of the biggest Telekom companies in Europe


UPC is a Swiss company, and a leading telecoms and media services provider in Switzerland and Austria, connecting over two million households with TV, internet, telephony and Mobile service.


Our brief was to build a multilingual online magazine in English, German, Swiss German and French. We were also told that we should prepare for high amount of visitors.
It was important criteria for the client that the parsing and caching of the header and the footer from the original site to our magazine was possible, so that both sites use same header and footer.

What We Did

We designed and delivered a responsive online magazine, representing the UPC brand in a dynamic and lively format. We ensured that the design was consistent with the client’s brand, meaning that the header and footers from the original UPC site were also clearly visible in the magazine.
We also ensured that the site would be robust enough to receive a large amount of visitors and to date it is successfully handling more than 700,000 visits per month.
As one of Switzerland’s leading telecoms providers we ensured that the look and feel, was one that was professional but also fun, inviting users to explore and enjoy using the site.

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Provided services:

Design & WordPress Development

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