Ultimate entertainment platform in Kenya

BlueGlass has developed the ultimate entertainment platform in Kenya: Pinpaya. The Goal is to enhance the entertainment experience by pinpointing exact locations where Kenyans can enjoy their ideal day or night time activities. Pinpaya is the link to various entertainment activities and locations such as bars and restaurants, night clubs, recreational sites, and spas within Kenya.

The main goals were:

  • Business logic development of a full project including prototyping
  • Brand development from scratch
  • Platform development using PHP and Vue.js and creating an easy and convenient user interface featuring multiple styles of object views. 
  • Object map filtering development
  • Creating a convenient business interface for all businesses, making it easy for even small businesses to upload a profile
  • Creating a steam-lined interface for posting reviews
  • Website speed optimisation according to Google Speed Test
  • SEO optimisation to acquire rapidly growing organic traffic 
  • Attain more than 10K subscribers on Instagram 
  • User interface testing with a sample of more than 30 people


BlueGlass created a full-scale project from scratch, from business logic to project promotion.

The results in the first month of work exceeded all expectations:

  • First month after launch. Growth of new registered locations: +800
  • +3000 new followers in Instagram in the first month
  • +100 new reviews for the sites in the first month
  • Site speed 90+ according to Google Speed Test
  • Organic search rates in Google are growing every day


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