Online tutoring platform

Pinpaya – global online tutoring platform launched in 2022
Pinpaya’s main mission is to give convenient opportunity for tutors and students to connect and teach & learn their favorite subjects. And it’s accessible worldwide!

Tasks, goals and realization

BlueGlass’s initial goal was to launch a tutoring platform as MVP. After the successful launch, we gathered actual users feedback and made additional developments based on that. So now we have a fully functional and competitive platform with intent to develop even further based on website users’ needs.

What we did:

  • Full project preparations and analysis before we started developing
  • Market analysis
  • Flexible and convenient calendar system – just with few clicks, users can set their teaching, breaks and holidays schedule
  • Teachers availability in calendar is updated automatically, real-time
  • Convenient reservation system – users can book one or many lessons with minimal effort
  • Integrated video lesson creation inside of the platform
  • User-management and chat systems for developing relationships between tutors and students
  • Payments, balance and commission calculation system
  • Profile creations for both tutors and students
  • User portal, lessons price and other features development
  • Possibility to upload visible certifications for tutors
  • Filtering system by multiple parameters (price, country, rating and so on)
  • Feedback system about tutors
  • Platform functional on all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile


BlueGlass projected & launched fully functional platfrom from the scratch – from the projecting until the development and launch. Every detail was carefully analyzed and realized until we reached the most optimal solution.

During development we did put extra emphasis to make sure that tutors and students would feel and see that the platform is secure, stable, functional and attractive. We also made sure that all project related technical features would be clearly set and realized.

There are more than 350 registered tutors since the launch and the platform keeps growing every day!



If you’d like to know more about the range of services we provide, discuss working with us or have a great idea for collaboration, then please get in touch.
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