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Client is an online portal for the Swiss-German language regional daily newspaper Basler Zeitung (Basel Newspaper), also know as BaZ. The newspaper is owned by Basler Zeitung Medien, who also publish the free daily newspaper Baslerstab.


To create WordPress Plugin for searching property on

The plugin had to be reusable on other pages, and with ability to adapt the design for the other websites that it would be used on. We also had to build an Informative website where this plugin will be used –
A search dependent sidebar area was required on the site. This means that if the user searches for rentals we have one sidebar with rental related elements, but if the search is for purchase, the sidebar will show the related elements.
The functionality had to be intuitive, with users easily able to save and forward links, as well as toggle between different property options, with unique pages dedicated to single properties or showing multiple sites.

What We Did

Our approach:  keeping a focus on user needs and adaptability to other websites of the client

We built a plugin that uses a API for searching properties in real time.
Plugin imitates the search functionality with all the advanced search extensions.
The main search field of the plugin supports “multi search terms” and offers users an autocomplete function dependant on the user input. The plugin generates a “pretty links” for properties on single pages, (e.g. which is good for search engine optimization (SEO) and also enable links to be easily be shared. The plugin fully supports multiple languages.

Outcome: an easily adaptable solution that is user friendly and good for SEO

We developed a solution which adds value to the clients brand and seamlessly integrates with other products. The user finds it convenient and quick, and the client can easily reuse the solution on their other websites.

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Provided services:

UX, Design, WordPress Development,
& Plugin development

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