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Helion is Switzerland’s largest and best known solar energy company. The company is engaged in the development and installation of solar panels, heat pumps and energy storage devices. As an employer for more than a hundred people, Helion covers all of Switzerland with its offices.


In cooperation with our client, our goal was to create a website that displays thorough information about solar energy systems and directs customers to use the price calculator. The page serves the need of both private individuals and larger companies for cooperation purposes. An important point was to provide an overview of completed projects and to create a convenient filter system. In addition, the webpage had to be easily managed by the Helion team.

What We Did

We updated the design of the website and developed it for convenient use on the WordPress platform. The result is a clean, solid design, multilingual and smooth user experience regardless of screen size. The website is included with Chat environment for quick help and solutions to any questions from visitors.
In the reference page, we created a filter system that you can use to search and find pictures, information and location of all the work done. You can check the website here

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UX, Disain & Arendus

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