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AdunoKaution. Renting without a deposit!


Aduno Group is a Swiss financial services company that specialises in cashless payments.
Aduno Group’s company AdunoKaution, is the leading broker of rental deposit insurance, providing a modern and affordable alternative to traditional bank deposits. In conjunction with their product and distribution partner GENERALI they sell guarantees for rental deposits throughout Switzerland.


Our brief was to create an online solution for Aduno Group that was also easy and convenient for mobile users. The products were easyKaution for private tenants, and Kaution for corporate clients, the service provides guarantees for renters of residential and commercial properties.

This included the creation of the website and design according to UX (to enable both businesses and private people to rent quickly deposit free). The design had to be responsive. And importantly we had to ensure a mobile friendly user experience (UX) to apply for deposit guarantee certificates. It was important that businesses and private clients can apply for deposit documents in a convenient way for both parties. We had to made the process simple for both parties designing the website according to the user experience.

What We Did

We focused consistently on real mobile user needs ensuring the site was innovative and provided a unique solutions for complex products.  We combined the mobile-first idea with user-oriented content generated individual mobile solutions. On the one hand, this comprises information- and need-driven front pages which leave no doubt in mobile usability and satisfy the need for information with featured sub-pages.
Users are greeted with an easy to use premium calculator so they can immediately assess their options based on their payment capabilities. The immediate interaction ensures engagement, providing the user with useful information for their decision making or comparison process.
In the context of the input, extra focus was put again on usability so that all fields, buttons, selections and functions meet current mobile best practices
Providing relevant content in these decisive moments resulted in an increase in the user’s interest and consideration for the brand. This again raises the probability of conversion.
Direct contact information is clearly visible on the page enabling the customer to quickly and easily contact a representative from the company should their impulse direct them in this way.
For us, it is therefore confirmed that mobile users are indeed willing to complete complex application processes on their mobile device. Precondition – and simultaneously key to success – is a smart UX combined with consistent focus on mobile users needs.

Provided services:

UX & Website Design

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