About Us

We are digital agency BlueGlass Tallinn!

Who we are?
BlueGlass Tallinn is a software and digital development company with offices in Tallinn and Zurich.

What we do?
We design and develop digital products and online experiences that help our clients grow, innovate, and transform. We listen, learn and understand before we build.

Our story
Our story began seven years ago in USA. Today BlueGlass offices can be found in Switzerland and Estonia. In Tallinn our office opened its doors in 2015.
Our diverse client list porfolio is filled with both global and local brands. Further information available at: https://www.blueglass.ee/en/case-studies/
As a digital agency our main focus is on creating webpages that are visually stunning, yet at the same time practical and smart in their own right.

Our achievements
We take pride in our achievements- it gives us a signal that we are on the right path. On the other hand recognition motivates us to strive even further in order to make sure we are always a step ahead of our competitors. BlueGlass has the honor of being „European Search awards“ winners for the forth consequtive year in a row. Always thriving to set the bar even higher, we are positive that this won´t be our last win.

European Search awards 2017 WINNER!

Best mobile campaign/Mobile Sales Excellence!

Best of Swiss web.

2017.  Shortlisted for a Usability & MobileWeb at Best of Swiss Web Awards with a mobile website we made for our client Aduno Gruppe 2018. „Best of Swiss Web 2018“ – Silver!  „Best Digital Media Campaign“ eSports.ch

UK Search awards Winner 2014

European Search awards Winner 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Our strengths
Due to being an international agency we are always keeping our fingers on the pulse when it comes to the latest digitrends in Europe that help us create even better working and smarter digital solutions to our clients.

Our passion is to give your webpage a design that helps towards achieving set business goals whilst at the same time offering convenient and user-friendly experience to all visitors. We will develop your homepage to a completely new level to reach its maximum potential, shine and efficiency. In order to achieve that we take full advantedge of our whole team´s potential, experience and know-how. At your disposal is a team of experts at who feel at home in php solutions, content management systems and API´s which simplifies the workflow. We are competent to create each platform most suitabable and best working webpage. We know how to make your project shine and work functionally and easily even on smartphones. As experts in the field we are aware of the dangers that the digital world entails. This is why in our everyday work we put a lot of effort into safeguarding our client´s data.

We also possess experience and knowledge on how to create well-working, userfriendly and eyepleasing e-shops, that would inspire even the most skeptical online shoppers to make a purchase. Further information about our services and expertise can be found from here: https://www.blueglass.ee/en/services/


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